The flower of the sun. It is a versatile and useful plant with interesting characteristics. Sunflowers are mainly grown for their edible seeds and are enjoyed by many as a delicious, nutritious snack. The seeds are used in different kinds of dishes, in salads or baked goods. Sunflower seeds can also replace nuts as a substitution in most recipes with ease. But sunflower seeds are not only a great ingredient and snack, the seeds can be pressed to extract sunflower oil. This oil is frequently used for cooking in the kitchen and also is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and machinery lubricants. Experiments have shown that sunflower oil can be made into plastics, and future research shows that sunflower oil has the potential to create fuel for cars and other machinery.

We are relying on the BASFCLEARFIELD” production system for sunflowers which provides growers with new technology that delivers broad-spectrum residual grass and broadleaf weed control, including ACCase resistant weeds. The CLEARFIELD system combines high-yielding sunflower hybrids from leading seed companies with Beyond herbicide for superior postemergence weed control in no-till, minimum or conventional-tillage systems.

We are also working with: “NK Adagio®”, “NK Algeo®” and “Neoma®” by Syngenta, “Florimis®” by Euralis.